How we FIND Fixed OPS Professionals

Why we are making such an IMPACT on the market – Current situation in the market: Areas we work with you to solve.
Locating and attracting qualified automotive technicians and strong fixed operations professionals in the current market is both time consuming and difficult. There are many reasons for this - which I have outlined below - but the biggest factors are that dealerships do not have the time, internal expertise or the right proposition to locate and convince the professionals to join them.

Our aim as a business is to leave our clients with a legacy, something they can continue to do long after, we have left. This legacy does not only involve recruitment but it also involves training the clients internal talent teams to be able to use the methodology themselves in the future. (This of course depends on the size of the dealership or the dealer group).

Stage 1:

Our process starts with getting to know the dealership and understanding what they need and what they are willing to offer. (During this process we offer advise on whether we believe they will be able to attract candidates based on offering, location, relocation, benefits etc).

Stage 2:

Once we have all the information and a solid understanding of what the dealership needs and is willing to offer we use the many available resources we have to build a very long list (throughout the USA) of candidates who fit what the dealership is looking for and collect their contact information. This is an important part of the process as it weeds out any candidates who do not fit the brief. (Please note, we focus on candidates who sit within the Passive Market space, these are candidates who are currently employed but would be/could be interested in a new position should one present itself).

Stage 3:

While stage 2 is in process, we work with them to develop a sales brochure, something we can use to sell the position to the potential candidates. This normally includes: (1: a company overview and hot buttons, 2: a very strong job description with compensation and benefits, 3: an overview of the area and what it’s like to live in, 4: a cost of living analysis for the area vs their current area).

Stage 4:

Once stages 2 and 3 have been completed we move to the contact stage. We take all the contacts we the pre-screened and write to them via email. (From this the replies fall into 3 categories, 1: Interested, 2: not interested, 3: no feedback).

  1. Interested – we call, interview, sell the position and it happy arrange for the client to speak too.
  2. Not Interested – use this feedback to build a list of why candidates are not going for the role – this mostly comes down to location and current package.
  3. No feedback – We reach out to these people again by phone and email.

Stage 5:

The final stage is to work with the dealership and manage any of the candidates who show an interest over the line and get them on board.

Our Solution – Benefits to your business: What we can do for YOUR dealership 

  • Targeted Search – we not only focus on filling your position – we leave a legacy – clients often have candidates coming back after 3+ months.
  • We let the market know you are looking. • We can perform specialized confidential search – management headhunting.
  • We can fit each solution around your budget. • SARR understand what you are looking for and produce a well thought out targeted approach.
  • We create a partnership – not just a one-time hit. • IF WE CAN’T HELP YOU WE WILL LET YOU KNOW AT THE START.
  • We offer a proactive consulting process – not reactive.
  • SARR are a specialist niche service provider – we only work in this area.